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Why You Need Photos of Your Newborn

When babies are born, they grow so fast; blink, and they have changed! As each day passes, they enter new stages in their life journey. During this festive period, you find yourself inundated with changing nappies, feedings, sleepless nights and an endless stream of family and friends coming to visit. You find yourself so busy tending to your gorgeous baby that you may miss capturing those beautiful newborn baby moments.

orn photography is perfect for those precious baby moments that fly by so quickly. From button noses to tiny toes, capturing these first moments are memories you will have and cherish forever.

When to Book a Newborn Session

As babies change quickly after birth, it is best to book your newborn session around two weeks after your baby is born. However, book your session after the two-week mark if you want your baby to be more awake (eyes open for longer).

It’s all about timing when photographing newborns. So we try to schedule the photo shoot during the baby’s nap time.  We keep the baby swaddled and comfortable during the session, so they’re nice and sleepy. We also keep a portable heater in the studio, so babies are kept nice and warm. We also use stuffers under our baby’s props, so it helps support the baby and adds dimension to the photos while giving the baby a comfortable place to sleep.

Is is Safe to Photograph a Newborn?

As a mother of three girls, your baby’s comfort and safety are top priority to ensure not to put your baby in any uncomfortable or unsafe positions. In addition, I don’t use bright lights that may be harmful to your baby’s eyes. Often, parents have seen newborn photo shoots on Facebook or Instagram, like a newborn baby in a sitting position or swinging in a hammock, resulting in editing. 

Safety Protocols

As babies, parents and I need to be in close contact with one another in my studio or on location; safety protocols must be followed. In addition, a newborn’s immune system is vulnerable at this age, so newborn shoots must be rescheduled if a parent or I have cold-like symptoms. Shoots will also be rescheduled if anyone has been directly exposed to someone with covid. So please make sure you let me know in advance if you are experiencing any symptoms so we can reschedule your newborn photoshoot.

I take safety precautions during the shoot, such as wearing a mask and sanitising my hands, props, and surfaces.

Photographing newborns is a delicate task. As newborns can’t move independently, they tend to stay where you place them, so parents will need to become assistants to help hold and pose the baby. I also need you to help put the baby back to sleep should they stir.

Where Are Newborn Sessions Held?

Sessions are held in the koa photography studio in victor harbor, where your precious bundle is carefully photographed. For directions on how to find my studio, please visit here.

For something different, we can schedule a newborn shoot around sunset on the beach for beautiful warm, dreamy images, which are a lot more natural compared to studio images where the baby is posed.

Gift vouchers are available if you wish to purchase a newborn session as a beautiful present for an expectant or new mother.


Janey made my family feel so welcome and comfortable. My daughter was a bit nervous at the beginning but Janey took the time to build up trust with her. She was was so caring and kind. Janey made this experience fun, relaxed and beautiful! I highly recommend her, she is the most amazing photographer and so passionate about capturing those magical moments. Thank you Janey for helping us create memories that will last a life time!


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