Why You Need to Take Engagement Photos

There are compelling reasons why you should take engagement photos. First of all, it marks the first milestone of your life together, and secondly, it’s like a pre-wedding trial run. You want a photographer that takes pictures you would proudly hang on your wall and not just post to social media.

Make it a Theme and Have Fun!

An engagement photography session can be a lot of fun for some couples. If you have a theme to follow, such as; how you met, things you do together or the location of your first date – it can be like reconnecting all over again! You may want to recreate the special moment that your partner proposed. In addition, you may want to use your engagement photos to announce your commitment to one another to family and friends, for example, ‘save-the-date’ announcements.

The concept behind an engagement photo shoot is to tell the story of finding that one forever person you will hold in your heart forever and have lots of fun and laughter. We will do a mix of portrait, posed and candid photos.

What Should We Wear?

Once you have picked a location for your photo session, think about what to wear. While you can wear anything you want, you should choose neutral colours for the best results; whites, beiges, and blacks are the most flattering. Bright and vibrant colours such as bright pink or red dresses and yellow or orange shirts may reflect on your skin if photographing in the sun. Make sure you also coordinate your outfits!

Dress in what makes you feel comfortable. You may be required to move around, sit down and stand up, so it might be stressful if you spend lots of time readjusting your clothes.

If you have a specific person in mind for your wedding hair and makeup, now might be a good time to do a sample run of their expertise by hiring them for your engagement photos. If you have a particular vision for your wedding, you will see how it looks when photographed, which could save disappointment later on.

I may convert some of your photos to beautiful black and white images, so less is more for your photos.

“I Don’t Want Cheesy Photos!”

Don’t worry; I’m not into overly posed looks of couples holding props or other cliche ideas that you see all over Instagram. I’m about natural and authentic – I’m there to capture your love for each other, not create another overused engagement photo idea. Posed photos such as hugging from behind and forced facial expressions are awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. So relax and forget I’m there. Instead, let’s take a casual stroll so I can catch you off-guard for those natural and unrehearsed moments.

Best Location for Engagement Photos

To break away from the standard engagement photo style, schedule places and things you like to do together, and I’ll be your shadow photographer. For example, you may enjoy fishing together, hiking, or even going to your favourite cafe or restaurant. Perhaps your first date was at the cinema, and it was there you realised you had found the one. Make a list of all the symbolic places in your love story. 

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Fur Baby!

There are so many beautiful locations around South Australia, especially along the south coast of Victor Harbor. We have the most beautiful and unique beaches that look stunning at sunset. If you are unsure about the best location, I can show you the best places for your photos as a lifetime local to Vicor Harbor. Alternatively, the KOA Photography studio has indoor and outdoor options. 

If you happen to be in Victor Harbor around the school holidays, why not take advantage of the bright Ferris wheel lights as your photo backdrop.

Gift vouchers are also available.


Thank you for my beautiful photos and for tailoring them to suit my home decor and style. It was such a fun session and you made us feel so comfortable.


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