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These are cherished traditions where family and friends come together to celebrate this precious moment with you. Hiring a photographer means that you enjoy the event, hold your child stress-free during the ceremony, and spend time with your guests after the christening.

After all, you have put in a lot of time and effort from choosing the venue, organising a priest, preparing invitations – you’ve done everything! So sit back and enjoy the ceremony while I take care of documenting this moment in your child’s life.

Christenings, Holy communion and baptisms are symbolic milestones for your baby

Before the Shoot

Before any special ceremony shoot in a church or religious venue, I will need permission from the priest to be able to take photos inside. Not all venues allowed photography, in particular, flash photography inside. Specific venues also abide by a dress code.

Every ceremony is unique to the family, so it’s essential to run through any formalities and traditions before the ceremony. For example, the priest may want to meet the baby at the church front door to say a prayer. Therefore, it’s essential to list all the formal shots you need, especially if they are with specific family members. In addition, the list might include other photos such as guests mingling, the reception, the priest, etc.

I will also need details of the event, such as times that certain customs will take place, to ensure I am in the right place at the right time to get the photos. In addition, you may want some pictures of the church (interior and exterior).

Documenting Those Sacred Moments

Before the ceremony, we take photos of the baby getting dressed in their traditional gown by the parents or godparents, which is also a great time to photograph families spending time with the baby before the big event. One of my favourite moments is photographing the guests arriving when everyone is dressed up and looking fabulous. I love those happy smiles when people see old friends and family; it truly is a beautiful moment and what makes family special.

Other Special Ceremonies

I photograph other ceremonies: naming day ceremonies, first birthdays, birthdays, graduations, coming of age ceremonies, anniversaries, weddings, retirements, etc.


I highly recommend Janey at Koa Photography! I've been lucky enough to have 3 shoots with her now and each time I've felt very welcomed and comfortable. I actually got gifted my session with Janey and I'm so grateful I did because I've now met such a lovely lady and have some beautiful pictures of my famil


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