Most frequent questions and answers

The first thing I encourage you to do is think of what is important for you to capture. Is it a milestone, an event, a photo with you and your partner. Ask yourself why do I want to feel from these when I look back at them in 20 years time. If its a type of image you’ve seen on Instagram then please send me on your inspiration for your session. I do my all to ensure I capture what you want so the more info I have the better. This is why we do pre-session consultations.

This is depends on the type shoot that you are after. The Koa Photography studio is the perfect setting for a combination of indoor and outdoor photos. The acres that surround Koa Photography are filled with native gum trees, dirt paths, gardens and rolling hills. However, you may prefer a photo session walking along the beach at sunset with your family or loved one. In addition to jaw-dropping beaches along the south coast, we have several public reserves with large beautiful trees that are also perfect to use a backdrop for your photos.

All bookings are managed through my booking system “Unscripted” it will help make the process seemless.

We can provide a full studio wardrobe. Before you think whoa maybe a bit much I am after a natural vibe, this is absolutely what it is. I use brands such as Opia Byron Bay, Valencia Byron Bay and Five 0’Six, The Shanty and many more. All these brands use natural fabrics and are incredible and natural in front of the lens. I also choose styles that are flattering and comfortable.

If you are simply after some guidance about what colours/styles work well together I send all families a “what to wear” guide before the session.


Victor Harbor, South Australia