Most frequent questions and answers

The first thing I encourage you to do is think of a concept to your photoshoot. This may be a particular theme or style; for example, everyone wearing a certain colour or style. We can work together to get creative and think outside the box for a unique shoot. If you have specific ideas, set up a Pinterest mood board so I can see what ideas that you have. This is also a good time to discuss any particular photos or poses that you want to achieve.

Keep in mind that you may want to book to have your hair and makeup done.

This is depends on the type shoot that you are after. The Koa Photography studio is the perfect setting for a combination of indoor and outdoor photos. The acres that surround Koa Photography are filled with native gum trees, dirt paths, gardens and rolling hills. However, you may prefer a photo session walking along the beach at sunset with your family or loved one. In addition to jaw-dropping beaches along the south coast, we have several public reserves with large beautiful trees that are also perfect to use a backdrop for your photos.

The last step is deciding on a date, time and location that you prefer. Think about if you want an outdoor shoot or an indoor shoot. 


Once you have your prefered date, you can contact me through any of the following ways:


I will confirm the details of your photoshoot once we have settled on a date, time and location. For some shoots, a deposit is required beforehand.

Professional photos is an investment, so you want to make sure that you are wearing someone that looks good for the photos. Simply pulling out any outfit from the closet might not be enough; especially if you are planning a family photo shoot.


Here are my tips for choosing the right outfit.

  1. Don’t overcomplicate it. Choose a comfortable outfit that you can wear without worry. If you constantly readjusting your outfit, necklace, earnings etc., you won’t enjoy your experience.
  2. Coordinate your colours and not your outfits. Select two colours and two neutrals and work from there. You can choose an outfit with patterns; however, don’t all wear patterns! 
  3. Consider your home decor if you are planning on displaying your photos on your wall. Make sure that the colours you choose go with the colours in your home. For white walls, you may want to go for a black and white theme or choose a strong accent colour that matches your furniture.

    PRO Tip! Get Mum to choose her outfit first!

  4. Dress to suit your location. If your location is the beach, colour colordinate your outfits to compliment the colours of the sand and the ocean. If using nature as a backdrop, earthy tones work best. For studio photos, avoid wearing colours that are the same as your chosen backdrop. A black shirt will blend into a black background, which may give you the appearance of a floating head!
  5. Avoid clothes with large graphics or logos as these will be very distracting and make your photos look too busy. Stick with plain teeshirts.


Victor Harbor, South Australia